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Watching Game 1 of the World Series, last night, It was hard to miss the umm, striking facial hair that the Boston Red Sox were sporting. According to Jimmy Golen, the team grew beards as a bonding ritual and then, when the Sox got hot, the wins became associated with the facial hair.  It is widely known that baseball players are a superstitious bunch; consequently, the beards were going nowhere.

Beards among our Amish furniture craftsmen are also the norm—but for entirely different reasons.  Beards among the Amish signify two things:


  • Manhood: Young, unmarried men are permitted and encouraged to shave.  The moustache-less, untrimmed beard typically associated with the Amish is meant to signify that the wearer is an adult member of the community.  Conversely, a clean-shaven face is an indication of sorts to young ladies about availability as a single man!
  • Biblical Interpretation: Godly men in the Bible were often described as wearing beards, and the Amish feel that wearing them is a direct reflection of their faith.


Interesting though, that despite the preponderance of beards in the Amish community, you will rarely find a man with a moustache.  The reason? Historically, moustaches were known as being representative of the military.  As pacifists, the Amish had no wish to associate themselves with men of war and so, forbade their members to wear moustaches.  The tradition continues to this day.


Check out of the stylish facial hair profiles of this year’s Boston Red Sox  or if you’re looking to see some really wild growth, take a look at the winners of this year’s Fourth Annual Moustache and Beard Competition which included categories like goatee, sideburns and of course, Amish.


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