How to Create a Soothing Design For Your Bedroom

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For most of us, the bedroom is the one room in the house where it is critical to have a relaxed and comfortable space.

The bedroom should be an intensely personal spot that hopefully, will draw you away from the stresses and the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Luckily, making that happen can be as simple as adding color and making smart choices with furniture selection and arrangement.

ColorShades of blue and green are always popular for bedrooms because they reflect the natural elements of earth and sky.  When choosing a shade of green, however, interior designers often recommend tones that are light and fresh, because more saturated shades of green can be unflattering with skin tones.  And, as with any color, keep in mind that darker colors work better in bigger rooms and painting a ceiling white will make your space feel larger.

Furniture SelectionBed size definitely matters!  When choosing the size of your mattress and bedframe, we always recommend measuring the dimensions of your room to make sure that it will be a comfortable fit once you add dressers and nightstands.

Once you decide on a size, take some time to try out different mattressesThe mattress is the most important factor in determining the quality of your sleep, so we always encourage customers to invest the time to see if the mattress is a good fit.

Unlike the couches and chairs that see high-volume use in the common areas of your home, bedroom furniture is not as frequently replaced, so make sure to purchase quality pieces that are made to last and built with solid construction techniques.

Furniture Arrangement: As the natural focal point of any bedroom, the bed is undoubtedly the largest piece of furniture, so make it stand out.  Select a headboard that will pop against the color of the wall and select bedding that will add a softer, soothing look and feel to your room.


Gone are the days where everyone bought a matched set of bedroom furniture.  Selecting quality pieces in a variety of styles, or customizing a dresser or headboard can add an eclectic, personal feel to your private sanctuary.



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