Amish Myths Debunked!

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With the hit show Breaking Amish burning up TV ratings this summer, we thought we’d take a moment to debunk a few commonly held myths about the Amish; big surprise here, but even though Breaking Amish may bill itself as a reality show, it’s kinda light on reality.


Myth #1: Amish Communities are dying out

Well, we certainly hope not, or we wouldn’t have much furniture to sell you.  Seriously, though, Amish communities are not in decline—rather, they are actually growing at a healthy clip.  Since 1992, Amish communities have grown nearly 120%, which can be attributed to large families and a relatively high percentage of those children choosing to remain in the faith.


Myth #2: The Amish do not pay taxes or vote

Mostly untrue.  The Amish do indeed pay taxes, with the exception of Social Security and Obamacare; both plans are considered health insurance and Amish communities consider it a spiritual obligation to care for the infirm or the needy.  The Amish are able to vote and hold political office, although few choose to exercise these rights.


Myth #3: The Amish Mafia protects the community instead of local police

False.  Really, really false.  The “Amish Mafia” is a made-for-TV scenario and does not exist in Holmes County or anywhere else.  The Amish do use 911 services readily when they are needed, including police and fire assistance.


Myth #4: Rumspringa is like “Girls Gone Wild”

Nope.  Again, this is a situation that has been glamorized for the purpose of entertainment.  In most communities, youth are indeed encouraged to live “outside” the rules of the church before making a lifelong commitment to the faith, but rarely, if ever, are Rumspringa activities as wild as they would appear on TV.


Have any other questions? We’re always happy to answer (or ask!) and our Amish craftsmen are always willing to share about their communities.


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