Centerpieces For Your Spring Table

by / Tuesday, 26 March 2013 / Published in Amish Furniture, Dining Room Furniture, Home Decor

Whether you’re celebrating Easter or are just looking to brighten up your home for a little spring entertaining, we thought you might enjoy some fresh suggestions to dress up your Amish Originals dining table for the season.

Who knew you could decorate with Jell-O?  Rustle up several glass vases—a variety of sizes and shapes works well—and using half the water specified on the package instructions, add any color Jell-O.  Before placing your glass containers into the refrigerator to set, add the flowers.  Give it a few hours and voila!

Simple and earthy, all you need for this centerpiece are tall glass vases (drinking glasses would work, too), any type of dried beans and a few stems of flowers.  Put several tablespoons of water in the glasses and fill them about halfway with the beans.  Add the flower stems and you’re done!

If you’re feeling crafty, this Brussels sprout topiary is a simple project that will add quite a wow to your table.  Choose a pretty container or pot that you have at home and add a Styrofoam cone that can be found at any craft store.  Using long pins, place the Brussels spouts in the foam as close as possible.  Fill the bottom of the arrangement with moss or even colored Easter grass.  Best part? Now you don’t have to eat those Brussels sprouts!

Save the bunnies…the chocolate ones!  As yummy as they taste, we love using chocolate bunnies for your Easter tablescape.  Add on a bow of pastel colored ribbon and display them artfully on a cake stand or nestled inside of a glass vase with some Easter grass or jellybeans.  You can still eat them…after the guests leave!

Happy spring to all!

From Our Home to Yours,

Amish Originals


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