The Beauty of Live Edge

Have you heard of a live edge table? These unique pieces are experiencing a surge in popularity. Amish Originals is the best place to find them. Just in case you are wondering what makes them so special, we wanted to share some details about what they are and how they are made.

The process makes the difference.

Designs using the live edge have been around since man started creating furniture. It’s only been lately that they’ve caught the wave in furniture trends which has given them their much-deserved recognition. The term “live edge” indicates a process that uses wood and leaves at least one side of the wood natural or untouched. It usually refers to furniture but it can include shelving.

Amish Originals hand-crafted this live edge table for a retirement home in Lebanon, Ohio. This type of furniture is modern, timeless and a gorgeous way to bring nature right into the heart of your home.


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